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Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit. You’ll also find directions to find us (please do read these carefully), an interactive map and a list of handy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) further down this page.

Find Us

This Must Be The Place (Mas Casamitjana) is just over an hour from the cities of Barcelona and Girona (and their airports) and 30 minutes from the slightly smaller cities of Vic and Manresa. Our nearest town, Moià, is 10 minutes away

Here’s our location pin on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/g5kpqpzAcST2

The best way to get to us is by using this pin (or search for ‘This Must Be The Place / Mas Casamitjana’) on a sat nav (or your phone), as our road does not have a name. As you get near you will start to see signs for our house.

However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you find yourself travelling along the C-59 at some point on your route and you pass through either Moià or L’Estany on your way to us. 95% of the time this will happen naturally and you don’t need to worry, but if you have come from the direction of Manresa on the N-141c your sat nav might try to persuade you to leave the road before you reach Moià. Don’t let it! If you do you will find yourself driving through someone else’s house, and then onto roads that are normally only used by tractors. Continue instead to Moià and your sat nav will soon pick up the correct route.

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Telephone: +34 694 418 115

Email: hola@theplacebarcelona.com

This Must Be The Place
Mas Casamitjana


Here are some answers to some common queries. If you can't find what you're looking for please do contact us.

What activities can you recommend in and around the local town of Moià?

Well, for starters, for those of you staying at our house (and any friends who want to pop back) we can show you some lovely walking options in the immediate area around the house – including a great short walk down to the Malrubí river in the ravine, and up the other side to the beautiful old church of Sant Feliu de Rodors (and the ruins of the Castell de Rodors) if you’d like to go a bit further and do some exploring. In early Autumn this is also a great place to go mushroom picking.

Elsewhere in the Moianes region we can recommend a visit to the Coves del Toll – these prehistoric caves were formed from fossilised Corel a long LONG time ago. If you can speak Catalan or Spanish you might like to join one of the guided tours into the main cave complex, but it is equally just as fun (maybe more so) to explore the other smaller cave inlets yourself, along with the recreated Neanderthal mud huts. And the area is also really great for walking.

Moià also has a really nice 9 hole golf course (membership not necessary and you can hire clubs and shoes), a fantastic motor cross track Circuit Verd (not that we’ve tried it… yet) and a couple of great horse riding centers, including the wonderful Hípica el Serrat.

The town of Moià itself is charming and great to while away some time meandering its cobbled back streets and enjoying a cervesa in one of its squares. It also has some great restaurants, fantastic delis and is most alive on Sunday morning, its market day.

Huh? Why aren't there more FAQs in this section?!

The honest answer is we haven’t gotten around to writing them yet! In the meantime, please drop us a line or and email with any questions you might have. Thanks!