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We have several unique event spaces in and around the house for you and your guests to enjoy and they have been designed to give you total freedom as to how and where you would like to experience individual aspects of your day.

Els Graners

The centrepiece of the venue are our lovingly restored stone barns – ‘Els Graners’ in Catalan.

Previously three separate structures that were once used to house farm animals over two levels, they have been transformed into two large double-height venue spaces connected by a majestic arch.

Combined Els Graners can seat up to 150 people with the doors closed.

Forming an L-shape, these buildings fully open out through tall glass bifold doors onto our central courtyard ‘El Barri’.

El Barri

‘El Barri’ translates from the Catalan as ‘the neighbourhood’ but in the case of Masia farmhouses like ours it is also the traditional Catalan name for the enclosed exterior courtyard space in front of the house.

With all the doors of Els Graners open it combines with El Barri to become an incredible multi-use event space that could seat 150+ for a wedding banquet, or even more standing, dancing, drinking or lounging, with a perfect mix of sun and shade keeping everyone happy.

Perhaps you’d like to use one part for the dance floor, or add a stage for some live music, or transform another part into a comfy lounge area? Or perhaps you’d like to hold your ceremony in the courtyard? You decide.


The stairs and balcony lead you up from Els Graners up to a large open space surrounded by plants, flowers and a pretty stone wall – ‘L’Era’.

This was the original location of the farm’s grain-threshing floor (the beautiful old hand-made tiles that form the floor of El Barri would have originally been here, a long time ago).

L’Era is a perfect location for a wedding ceremony with the plants, flowers and our triangular arch beautifully framing the moment.

But equally this unique event space is ideal to enjoy some canapés and fizz, and plenty big enough for your wedding banquet if you’d like to enjoy it under the stars.

La Caseta del Sol

The small but perfectly formed ‘La Caseta del Sol’ (which translates from Catalan as ‘The Sun House’) sits right next to L’Era. We gave it this name due to the fantastic light that pours through the large low windows in the afternoon making this a great place to slow down and chill out.

It features a bar area and some relaxed seating and, again, you are free to choose how you would like to use the space – eg.  for smaller events the La Caseta del Sol would be fantastic as a disco!

La Feixa

On another side of Els Graners, and down some steps from L’Era, you’ll find our terrace garden ‘La Feixa’. This spot has some of the best views of the Pyrenees and could also be a magical place any element of your special day – particularly the ceremony.

We also have a fantastic pizza oven and BBQ grill here which we can fire up for smaller events.

[As you can see from the photos, this area is not quite finished! We need to wait until Autumn for some rain so the grass will grow…]

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